I’m happy in my own company

Oh no, no. Before you say anything, I’m not back on Tinder just yet.

This blog post was inspired by this weekend I have just spent mostly to myself. I’ll play it out for you.

I woke up on Saturday morning, helped the bf to pack for a trip up north and I raced away to our letting agency to sign a new six month contract for the flat we share. How very grown up of me. I enjoy this.

Then, I came back, said goodbye to bae and started work.

I was working pretty much all Saturday from around 1pm to 7pm. I got lots of work done, thanks, and made my deadline. YES! I was in my own company here, yes, but we haven’t got to the good part just yet.

Once I’d finished work, I looked up cinema times for heartbreak film Me Before You. I’d just finished reading the book that week so was desperate to see the film to see how it matched up to the story I’d just cried my heart out to for a good 30 minutes.

So, here’s the snag. I checked the cinema times, saw there was a showing at 10pm, thought, “Great, it won’t be too busy.” I hopped in my car, drove to the cinema, bought my ticket and sat down to watch the film.

Yes. I was alone in the cinema. I’ve been to the cinema on my own before too.

cats at cinema

The trailers came to an end and the lights began to dim around me and the other eight people at the 10pm showing. Two rows in front and slightly to the left of me was a couple around my age. I thought, “Sweet, he’s going to see this rom com film with his gf. That’s really good of him.” I don’t think that now.

I looked briefly to the couple, saw the girl whisper in the guy’s ear, he turned round, he turned back, they looked at each other for a moment then laughed. THEY LAUGHED AT ME!

Ok, I feel I’m a fairly confident and independent person. I am happy to take myself to the cinema to reward myself for a day of work. I bought an almost £10 ticket for a film I really wanted to see and I was laughed at.

You’d watch a film at home on your own, what’s the difference in watching a film alone in the cinema? It’s dark. No one’s allowed to talk and no one can see you. What’s the issue?

Thankfully, I managed to shrug it off and relished in getting my own back via this blog post they will never read. However, that is beside the point.

I’ve eaten lunch on my own at a cafe/restaurant before. Is that sad and laughable too? No. It’s not.

It’s ok to do things on your own that make you happy. It doesn’t make you pathetic that there’s no one beside you. It doesn’t mean you have no friends and it certainly doesn’t mean you should be laughed at.

So there. My name is Nicola. I’m 25 years old and I went to the cinema on my own. That’s not so ridiculous now, is it?



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