Foreveranitchynose at the dentist – part 1

Well, it was about time there was another series on here, wasn’t it?

This one, a little less enjoyable than my brush with unemployment, yet all the more painful. I have been back and forward to the dentist since May. MAY! It’s now July!

So, to fill you in, or fill my teeth in should I say, I thought I’d break it down to a four part series once again so you can enjoy my pain and misery. Misery loves company after all, doesn’t it?

So pull up a chair. Are you sitting comfortably? Then I’ll begin. Toothbrushes at the ready.

It all started during an editorial meeting at work. I suggested writing an article on cosmetic dentistry which was given the go ahead. I suddenly felt that sinking feeling… I’m sure I have a dentist appointment booked for this week… How ironic.

As the meeting went on for around another hour, I kept thinking of when my appointment was supposed to be. Was it tomorrow? The 5th of May? Yes! Of course it is! I repeatedly told myself this over and over again even though I knew the real date of my appointment.

That day. The day Of the meeting. The day I brought up the feature idea of cosmetic dentistry. The appointment was for 8:30am. It was now 11am. Bollocks.

So, after the meeting was finished I raced away to call the dentist and apologise. Thankfully, I was given another early appointment within the next few weeks. Hurrah!

I always make dentist appointments for the next six months when I’m at the dentist. It usually keeps my mind in check meaning I don’t fall behind. Oh how I wish I had no teeth at all, as you will come to realise in a few weeks time.

So, anyway, I digress.

A few weeks passed and I made it to my dentist appointment. As always, I’m nervous so chat foolishly and make jokes. It’s my regular behaviour.

dentist bean

Sitting there, mouth agape, tongue drying out by the second the little pincer jabs into my gum. Cheers mate.

“Right Nicola, I think you may need a filling,” says the dentist.

Marvellous. Please. Do go on.

“But first, I’m going to take some X-rays. I want to make sure you really need it before I start drilling!”

Wow, gee thanks.

I’m walked into another room, have a wedge of plastic the size of an iPhone jammed into my mouth and some X-rays are taken. Mouth becoming increasingly sore by the minute.

“Ok Nicola. If you want to book another appointment we’ll get you back in and see what needs done. Ok? See you soon!”

I should’ve run off the face of the earth just then. And you’ll find out soon in part two.

See ya!


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