Foreveranitchynose at the dentist – Part 2

Sup, homes?

You should feel very privileged right now that I’m writing this blog as it’s currently 400 degrees outside and I’ve taken a break from reading The Hunger Games: Catching Fire to fill you in on my teeth woes.

So, last time we left Nicola at the dentist with the prospect of another filling. Hurray. I manage to snag an appointment in a few weeks time at the crack of dawn once again. To make it, I get up super early and drive to the dentist before work. Splendid.

Waiting in the waiting area for what feels like a decade. It’s only been 10 mins. However, my appointment was at 8am and it’s now 10 past. Come on, sir, people to see, teeth to drill!

“I think we’ve beaten the dentists to work today!” laughs a gentle old lady.

“Haha looks like it!” I coo, “The traffic was surprisingly on my side this morning. I left early just in case only to get here too early!” Oh Nicola shut up with your pish small talk.

“Well my appointment isn’t until half past 8 but I saw the bus and I just hopped on!” That’s all well and good, hen. May I remind you that you’re retired and taking up all the good early appointments for us worker folk? Have some decency and book the 1pm appointments they always throw at me. Kay?

Low and behold, my waiting area pal is taken in to the dentist before me. Of course she is.

“Won’t be a wee minute, Nicola!” Calls the dental nurse.

Cool, sound. Can’t wait. Another 10 minutes pass. Cam aaaaaan!

“Ok, in you come Nicola!”

So, up I get, tuck my phone into my bag and walk into the dentist’s room and there it is. The needle.


“I’m getting the filling, aren’t I?” I say, half jokey, half ‘fuck you man.’

“Take a seat Nicola.” Not in the mood for light chatter I see?

“The X-rays showed up some decay so we’re going to go ahead with the filling.”

He clearly means the royal we as this we isn’t so keen on having anyone else’s fingers in my mouth bar my own. You feel we?

The bib goes on, here we go!

“Ok, can I have a white filling then?” I say, giving me a moments grace to eradicate some silver out my choppers.

“Oh! Well a white filling takes us longer to make so you’ll have to come back.”

Well that’s just super, isn’t it? Please do prolong my agony for another week. And thanks for not asking what element from the periodic table I wanted drilled into my molar.

“If you make an appointment at the reception we’ll get you booked in again for the white filling. See you soon!” I bet he’s feeling that relief you get when you have to phone someone at work, you’re dreading it, they read your mind and email you instead. Love those days.

Round two and Nicola’s still sporting a rotter of a tooth! What in the world will happen next time? Give me a week and I’ll let you know. Katniss has just found out she has to enter the Quarter Quell so I’ve got a lot on my plate at the moment, you know?

Until next time. Don’t eat too many sweets!


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