Foreveranitchynose buys a flat

Bonjour! And a happy New Year!

Towards the end of 2016, I became what society deems an adult. I bought a flat. Hurray! Isn’t that marvellous?

It is marvellous, but it’s also scary. So, for the next wee while, I’m going to lay out why it’s scary so that when you get round to buying property, you can hold your nerve. Much unlike I did.

So, let’s start from the beginning. As of July 2015, I (with Davit) had rented a lovely wee flat in Mount Florida. It’s nestled sweetly in the south side, is walking distance to three chippies and a Tesco. Bliss.

Well, as of October 2016, everything changed.


(Insert crackly voicemail message from letting agency here): “Hi Nicola, listen, the landlord needs to come in and have the flat valued. When is the best time for you to let her in?”

Oh bollocks. That can only mean on thing. She’s selling up.

Landlord comes a week after, has flat valued and leaves. Tells me she’s selling her house so is getting her finances sorted. Nicola breathes a sigh of relief realising she won’t lose her lovely wee flat.


(Insert second crackly voicemail message from letting agency here): “Hi Nicola. Listen we need to chat about the flat so if you could give me a call back ASAP that would be great.”


So I call and am drop kicked in the stomach. The landlord is selling up. I can either think about buying the flat or find somewhere else to rent.

Cue Nicola’s biggest overreaction to date. “I’ma buy it!” She says.

So, thanks to my best pal who is a mortgage advisor and my lovely parents for chipping in, our glorious little flat (after months of toing and froing, price discussions and hopeless lawyers), the little digs in Mount Florida are officially mine! Whey!

So, in short. I bought a flat. Here are my top tips to keep yourself in check when you decide to purchase a property.

  1. Shut the hell up for five minutes and listen to people around you. “I don’t want to rent anymore!!!” I shouted. “Calm down and let’s think first! Is there anywhere we can think about renting first?” He says. “Aye, you’re right,” I says. “Let’s have a look first.” We thought about it for a week or so to work out if this flat was thu wun.
  2. Find a money-magic mate. My pal Katie is my heart and soul. She hooked me up with a smashing mortgage and made sure I didn’t feel like a prize wanker when I had no idea what any of it meant.
  3. Negotiate. Make your landlord a cup of tea. Give her a free wedding magazine. These things will all help when you’re trying to work out a price. Thanks to our friendly relationship, I swiped the flat for a good price and got to keep all the furniture. SCORE!
  4. Read everything. Like, everything. I now know that for every pound I’m borrowing to pay my mortgage, I pay back £1.78. Ouch.
  5. Buck up and get on with it. You’re more than capable of doing this.

I think that’s it really? Also, come see ma hoose!



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