Foreveranitchynose at the dentist – Part 4

Well, lads. It happened. I had root canal.

My name is Nicola. I’m 25 years old and I’ve had root canal.

But who cares, you know? They’re just teeth! I’m not ashamed. These love handles and rotten tooth did not make themselves! I had fun!

Enough of the body positivity, let’s debrief the process.

I’d dropped us off before as I made another appointment for the good old root removal. I booked a 4:45pm appointment so I could go home and weep and it was very much welcomed.

So, aye, anyway. Here we go. Continue reading


Foreveranitchynose at the dentist – Part 3

Aw mate, is it Sunday already? I shouldn’t really be complaining. I’m only in work three days next week but anyway! Back to the topic at hand, or at gums should I say. My teeth.

Last week I left you with my mouth hanging open in fear as the dentist was ready to fit me with a metal filing. Nuh uh, sir! Dis bish wants a white filling! So I rearranged my appointment for the next week to be fitted with a pearly white filling. Super duper.

Next week rolls around, it’s a good old 8am start once again as I get comfy in the dreaded dentist chair. The needle’s ready. I’m ready. Let’s do this thing.

The dentist, dental nurse and I all partake in some casual work banter, you know? Any holidays planned? What are you up to this weekend? How often do you floss? Good old questions we’ve all learned to lie in response to.  Continue reading

Foreveranitchynose at the dentist – Part 2

Sup, homes?

You should feel very privileged right now that I’m writing this blog as it’s currently 400 degrees outside and I’ve taken a break from reading The Hunger Games: Catching Fire to fill you in on my teeth woes.

So, last time we left Nicola at the dentist with the prospect of another filling. Hurray. I manage to snag an appointment in a few weeks time at the crack of dawn once again. To make it, I get up super early and drive to the dentist before work. Splendid.

Waiting in the waiting area for what feels like a decade. It’s only been 10 mins. However, my appointment was at 8am and it’s now 10 past. Come on, sir, people to see, teeth to drill!

“I think we’ve beaten the dentists to work today!” laughs a gentle old lady.

“Haha looks like it!” I coo, “The traffic was surprisingly on my side this morning. I left early just in case only to get here too early!” Oh Nicola shut up with your pish small talk. Continue reading

Foreveranitchynose at the dentist – part 1

Well, it was about time there was another series on here, wasn’t it?

This one, a little less enjoyable than my brush with unemployment, yet all the more painful. I have been back and forward to the dentist since May. MAY! It’s now July!

So, to fill you in, or fill my teeth in should I say, I thought I’d break it down to a four part series once again so you can enjoy my pain and misery. Misery loves company after all, doesn’t it?

So pull up a chair. Are you sitting comfortably? Then I’ll begin. Toothbrushes at the ready.

It all started during an editorial meeting at work. I suggested writing an article on cosmetic dentistry which was given the go ahead. I suddenly felt that sinking feeling… I’m sure I have a dentist appointment booked for this week… How ironic. Continue reading

I got fat again

Aw hey girl!

It’s been a while hasn’t it? I can tell you for why. I moved house in July and as of this weekend, I have only just been reunited with internet. Three whole god damn months my man!

I’ve never been so well read. In the space of three months I read all seven Harry Potter books, all three Bridget Jones books and Toast by Nigel Slater. That’s 11 books mate!

But anyway, enough of that eh? You’re here to read about me being fat. So here we go!

Around this time last year I started Weight Watchers for the second time in my life and it worked. I lost around 25 pounds and I was slim. I was in my healthy weight range for my height and I was slinking about in size 8 and 10 clothes. Then I got to one weight and for love nor money, the weight would not shift. I became restless and started to eat all the ‘bad stuff again.’ I got pissed off that nothing was going in the right direction so I gave up.

Fast forward a few months and tragic attempts at clawing back my figure through protein shakes and calorie counting and here we are, back at the start.

Yes I’ve managed to keep around 4 pounds of the initial weight loss off but what the hell does that matter eh? I got fat again!

Continue reading

Stress eating my way through life

Ok, it’s been ages. Sorry about that, I’ve been eating myself to death it seems!

Now, I’m your regular overweight person. I like to eat and eat and eat until I am filled with guilt. So why do I do it? Tell me! Why?!

Well, I’ll give you one reason. Stress.


Work went a little mental as we were finalising two magazines and for some reason, I compensated with eating McDonalds every day and filling up on Poundland sweets! Why?

And do you know the worst thing about being a stress eater? You end up eating stuff you wouldn’t normally like, and you feel minging while you’re doing it!

So here’s me. Making my way up and down the aisles in Poundland and here’s a selection of some food I would pick up and eat in one day. Brace yourself homes: Continue reading

How to call in sick to work

Hey friends!

A few weeks ago I was ill. Ugh, it was rotten and I’m still coughing away! When will it end? Unfortunately, a few Fridays ago I was too ill to go to work because my face had ballooned due to blocked sinuses and the cold, swallowing felt like razor blades scraping my throat and I had lost my voice thanks to laryngitis.

Now, I absolutely hate being off work due to illness. Hate it. The guilt is unbearable and at times makes me feel like an absolute fraud!


Even though I spent the entire Friday I was off in pyjamas as well as the weekend after it completely bedridden, I still wondered whether I had made the right decision. I had gone through an entire box of tissues and a roll of toilet roll from blowing my nose. I was taking paracetamol and Sudafed every four hours to ease the pain all over my body and unblock my sinuses. Talking was completely impossible and I fell asleep at every opportunity.

So, do you have to phone in sick to work? Here are my tips on knowing if you’re really ill. Continue reading

What it’s really like losing weight

Hiya pals!

Very recently my body has been going through quite a bit of change so I thought I’d fill you all in about what it’s really like to lose weight and how bloody hard it is. As on last night, I am now a healthy weight for my height. Only took a loss of 25 pounds to get there…

Since September 2014 I have been a member of Weight Watchers. I know that’s a pretty nuts thing to say because I always thought it was just older women who went on weight loss programmes with group weight loss meetings but I’ve found it one of the best ways to lose weight.

I’m someone who needs a bit of structure and fear in order to lose weight. I’ve very good at sitting down and eating three bars of chocolate and pretend that it’s totally fine because I walked for five minutes last week. It’s not fine. And I got fat. Like really fat. So I made a change. Continue reading

What it feels like having crap feet

Very recently I started a new job. I absolutely love this job. I always have something to do, I get to write about fascinating jewellery and fashion and I work with some of the loveliest people I have ever met. Enough of the sucking up I hear you say? Get to the point? Ok, ok.

So, the night before I started my new job I nipped out to find some shoes that would look more professional and tidy for my new start the next day. Unfortunately, I definitely picked the wrong pair and nearly crippled myself. And here’s for why. They nearly tore off my little toes. Like, they’re completely different shapes now. Ruined for life. I probably have feet worse than a ballet dancer!

I was hobbling about the office nearly in tears because my feet were in agony. The poor chaps were covered in blisters and are only now back to normal! It’s been over a month!

So here’s my story. I was born with feet, but not just any feet, ridiculous feet.  Continue reading

The fainting chronicles of foreveranitchynose

Good evening all,

A long time ago, an inconsiderate person once told me that ‘fainting was a choice.’ This person, need I say, I no longer maintain contact with, for many valuable reasons.

However, I’m here to say that fainting most certainly is not a choice. I do not chose to suffer a lack of blood in my brain. I do not chose to lose the power in my legs for several minutes. I do not chose to feel extremely hot and extremely cold all at once. I do not chose to become a dead weight and hurtle to the ground at speed. I do not chose to lose my hearing and sight for up to a minute. I do not chose to come round and find myself lying on the floor unaware of what has happened. I do not chose to feel violently sick after coming round. And I do not chose to feel weak and sick for the rest of the day and night.

I’m here to say that I am a fainter, and a pretty regular one at that!

Have a good laugh at the number of times I have fainted over the last 10 years.

faint Continue reading