Things I do in the car

Since passing my driving test at the rip old age of 22, I have’t been without a car for any length of time. As soon as I passed the horrendous test, my legs soaked in my own sweat, I was nipping about in a faded, red Corsa. The car leaked when it rained and I tore the arse out of the exhaust but it served me well.

Now, as a slightly older adult, I pay finance on the most beautiful duck egg blue Mini you’ve ever seen. She’s such a doll.

bus wankers

Speaking of which, like most drivers, I carry out many ridiculous tasks whilst in the car I’d never normally do. These include, yet are not limited to: Continue reading


Things I hate about public transport

Ok. I moved out of my little flat at the start of the month and I’m now back living with my mum, saving money and having lovely dinners once again whilst having my clothes washed.

I also changed jobs and now work in the city centre, which means either pay through the roof for parking in town or join hundreds of other unhappy people and take public transport.

My choice of hellish public transport is the train and I will tell you exactly why I hate it. Continue reading

The ups and downs of flying part 2

Ok this is going to be a short post as I’m merely confirming a point I made in a previous blog.

Pilots share too much!

On Monday and Tuesday of last week, September 29 and 30 2014 to be exact, I ventured out of the country on my first ever business trip.

Off I went with my suitcase and sensible attire in tow to Dublin to help represent the brand I work with at an event put on by the company I work for. Following? Because I wish I wasn’t.

We all know that I’m not a great flyer. In fact I’m a terrible flyer. See here for more details.


The first flight was with a well known budget airline. It rhymes with Brianbear if that helps. Continue reading

I’m writing a strongly worded letter about this

I know you probably think that because I moan all the time that I must complain to companies constantly?

Well, I actually don’t. I’ve only really started professionally complaining this year and that was all to npower. Point of reference, phoning npower gets you nowhere, get them on twitter and your problems will be solved far quicker.

But anyway! My journey into writing a complaint letter.


Recently, I’ve started to make regular trips to Inverness. To get there from Glasgow, I chose to travel by bus. At the time, this was the cheapest way to travel to Inverness at around £20 each way for a grand old travel time of 3 and a half hours. Spew. Pretty vile but luckily it’s good when I get there. Continue reading

People who don’t value their lives

Nice to see you again. Or if this is our first meeting, how do you do?

Now, I am a driver. I enjoy being a driver. I enjoy the freedom of a car and the ability it gives me to get to places in half the time as public transport allows. What I don’t enjoy is people who walk in front of moving cars.

I know we’ve all made the mistake of nipping out in front of a moving car, realising how close the moving car is and quick stepping out the way to avoid being run over. However, for some reason, that appreciation of life doesn’t seem to sit with everyone.

Last night, I was traveling along the road to my mums until I approached a roundabout. I checked on my right, there were no vehicles so I stayed in second gear and made my way round the roundabout to take the second exit.

Luckily, I was taking my time and had a decent amount of distance to stop as not one, but TWO people were gingerly crossing the road as a 1 litre, slightly faded red Corsa was cruising towards them. Continue reading

Being called a silly cow


Very recently I turned 23. Even more recently I turned 24 but that’s another matter.

However! To celebrate my coming of age and recognise my last year of my ‘early twenties,’ I took a train through to Edinburgh with my mum to see the city and experience a little more of the Edinburgh Festival Fringe.

Upon arriving at the train station, my mum and I walked to our platform only for the train doors to be closed. Oh no you might be thinking. But it gets better. Or worse. Depends how you look at it.

My mum and I stood behind a few people who had made it to the door before us. We stood there relaxed as we thought, “It’s ok, it’s only public transport.”

A white haired woman and her husband to the right of me however, did not have this relaxed feeling. Continue reading