Things I do in the car

Since passing my driving test at the rip old age of 22, I have’t been without a car for any length of time. As soon as I passed the horrendous test, my legs soaked in my own sweat, I was nipping about in a faded, red Corsa. The car leaked when it rained and I tore the arse out of the exhaust but it served me well.

Now, as a slightly older adult, I pay finance on the most beautiful duck egg blue Mini you’ve ever seen. She’s such a doll.

bus wankers

Speaking of which, like most drivers, I carry out many ridiculous tasks whilst in the car I’d never normally do. These include, yet are not limited to: Continue reading


Advice to my younger self

Startling as it may be, in three short months I will be joining the 26 club. I am so, so not ready for this.

I’m also not ready for being called a ‘lady’ in shops, in my head I’m still a ‘girl’, and having to manage my own miniature stash of money.

There are so many things I wish I could go back and change when I was younger.

Some being: not to jump out from my gate to give my neighbours a fright as they walk down the street (this still haunts me to this day), not to spend an extra £20 on a shitter laptop I bought for college, (I left college seven years ago, this should not still bug me) and many, many, many horrendous fashion choices that I cannot get over (mismatched Converse anyone?) *shudder*

And here we are! Somewhat older, somewhat fatter but a lot/little more wiser than what I was ten years ago. So here is my advice to my younger self, and for those younger than me (I’m looking at you Tara Cameron! You’re my cousin so I’m here to save you from years of teenage angst) to let them see that it’s not always as bad as it seems. Not like I’m worth basing your life on. I’m still struggling to work out if I’ll make it to 26 with my kinda good credit still intact!

So here it is, my top 5 points of advice I’d give to my younger self had she not grown into myself. I’m working myself up in circles now, aren’t I? Continue reading

Things I enjoy massively as an adult

As some of you may or may not know, I am the ripe old age of 25. I am a quarter of a century old, I’m closer to 30 than I am to 20 and I sustain a, fairly, adult life.

This, at times, has brought me sorrow and joy.

Sorrow as in those, “What the hell am I doing with my life?!” moments and sorrow as in, “Shouldn’t I be able to understand this car finance statement without my mum?” life questions.

On the other, thankfully happy, hand, I take great joy in being an adult and living away from home.

Here are four of my most favourite enjoyable tasks that being an adult entails: Continue reading

Foreveranitchynose at the Job Centre – Part 4

Bonjour my little babies! We have come to the end of our four part series of Foreveranitchynose at the Job Centre! Are you sad? Well, I’m not! As some of you may know I have just completed my first week at my new job. Wah! Yay!

So anyway, let’s get to the juicy stuff, ya know?

For our final instalment, I’ma tell you about my appointment at the Job Centre, the only one that really matters BECAUSE I GOT A JOB! YAY!

As I’d told ya’ll in Foreveranitchynose at the Job Centre – Part 2, the boyf and I were told we both had to be at my appointment as we were essentially claiming as a couple. So, I drag the poor sod on the 10 minute walk to the Job Centre. My appointment is for 10:10am but the lady on the phone told me to, “Head there for about 10 to 10 Nicola, there’s some forms to fill out so that will give you a bit more time.”

So! We make our way to the job centre, me moaning at him for making us leave slightly later, to get there for bang on 10 to 10! Yes! I walk to the door and the stupid thing doesn’t open. The door says the Job Centre opens at 9am, there are people inside walking around, yet the blinds are closed. Crafty buggers. So here we are, waiting out in the cold until some smarty pants opens the door 15 MINUTES LATER! I have never felt more unemployed in my life. All us jobless wasters stood outside in a line waiting for our dole money. Yay! Love life!


Ok, so we get in the door, I give a lady my name and we’re told to take a seat. Another 10 minutes go past and we are told to go over to Gillian’s table as she will be my advisor. Smashing! Hiya Gillian! How are you? Continue reading

Foreveranitchynose at the Job Centre – Part 3

And we have arrived at the penultimate episode of Foreveranitchynose at the Job Centre! Are you excited?

I’ll keep this post brief, as it was a relatively brief moment in my job centre journey.

So, as well know, I had visited one Job Centre location, around a 10 minute drive from my flat, only to be mucked about and told to return the next week with my partner.

Ok doke! I’ve popped the new date in my phone calendar and I’m willing away the days until my next appointment, the next Wednesday, rolls around. Low and behold, my phone rings…

Itchy nose (that’s me btw): “Hello?”

Job Centre Call Centre Lady (JCCCL): “Hello, is that Nicola?”

Itchy nose: “Yes, speaking.” Continue reading

Foreveranitchynose at the Job Centre – Part 2

Well what do we have here? It’s Foreveranitchynose at the Job Centre part 2!

I told you it was going to be a good ‘un and it most certainly was for everyone receiving benefits except me!

We left our last instalment with me receiving a text message from the Department for Work and Pensions asking me to attend an interview at my local Job Centre that Friday. I thought to myself, ‘Fantastic! I’ve been accepted to receive benefits. This is the last stage of the journey. I’ll go to the interview on Friday and all will be well.’

HA! It never runs smoothly for me. Ever.

So fast forward to Friday and Bae and I head off to the Job Centre which is a 10 minute drive from our flat. We park outside, I saunter in and Davit heads back to the flat to get some work done. Seems about right, right?

The minute I enter the door, two burly smiling G4S Security guards approach me, completely silent! And just kind of, stand in front of me, staring and smiling in silence for a few seconds.

Not knowing what to do, I do what any normal person would do. I stammer and stutter until a lovely little lady with blond hair nips over to me and laughs about how I was hounded by security. Not to worry ahaha! There are G4S chaps everywhere and I can understand why, there may be a few weirdies floating around that like to kick up a fuss.

The lovely little lady hands me a form to fill out, tells me who my Benefits Advisor will be and says it should only be about a five minute wait. Splendid! I shall sit here, fill out the basic form and await Michelle’s gracious Benefits dishing-out powers.

As I finish filling out my forms, I have a shifty glance around me. No junkies, nothing sinister. There are only a very small few who are not native to Scotland in the Job Centre so we can put an end to that stereotype. I’ve been waiting around 20 minutes now. Growing a little more worried by the minute. Continue reading

Foreveranitchynose at the Job Centre – Part 1

So, in my daze of unemployment I thought it best I get some money coming in, you know? (Here’s the thing, I now have a job which I start in two weeks but this entire journey needs to be documented, so here goes.)

As I’ve been working fairly regularly since the age of 17, I’m now 25, I thought I may as well claim Job Seekers Allowance, Housing Benefit and Council Tax Reduction because as my parents have led me to believe I damn well deserve it! I’ve paid into the system for years! You hear!?

So I filled out the necessary forms for Housing Benefit to help with my rent and Council Tax Reduction to help with paying the council tax on the flat I live in with wee bae. I sent those away and got going with my online claim for Job Seekers Allowance (JSA). Oh what joyous occasions. Nothing makes you feel like more of a failure than having to ask for help from the Government. Pure love them…

Step 1: The application.

Continue reading

What it feels like to lose your job

Hello ladies and gents,

Yes that’s right. I have lost my job. As of Tuesday January 5th 2016 at 17:20, I became unemployed. My work were carrying out budget cuts and unfortunately I was one of the cuts.

For this point in time, I’m scared. And you better believed I have cried more than I am willing to admit to.

I’m terrified about money, how long it will take until I find another job, how being unemployed will affect me in the long run and how I’m going to cope.

However, I’m going to fight it and I have made a promise to myself that I will not be unemployed for long.

I am strong, I am experienced and I am a worthy applicant.

But there have been a few things I had to sort out, and a few more I am beginning to really worry about.

  1. I had to contact my leasing agent to explain to them that I have lost my job, however, I should be able to continue to pay rent.
  2. I am currently paying finance on my car. Will I in turn lose my car?
  3. I have had to begin the process of claiming Job Seekers Allowance, something I never thought would happen.
  4. I have had to completely scale back on food preparation and plan out exactly what I will be eating for the week.

So yeah, I’m scared. But I won’t be defeated.

Previous to my loss of job, I had attended an interview for another job. I progressed to the second interview and I will hear back in a few days whether I have been successful.

I have also applied for four more jobs as a Content Manager, Features Editor and Content Editor and had a call back about one of these roles.

Fingers crossed eh?

And let me know if you know of any jobs going, I could really use one.


When the ceiling falls in

Oh for the love of Pete, it’s been one hell of a week I tell you.

Where do I begin? I’m exaggerating but stay with me ok?

Last week had been pretty great at work. We’d completed two magazines and sent them to print, exciting stuff! Having my name  in print is pretty lovely.

However, every silver lining has a cloud ya know? The ceiling in the flat below mine fell in. Oops.

There has been a leak in our flat for perhaps a few months? For all I know, leaks can trickle away for years wrecking devastation for the hell of it. This leak obviously wasn’t comfortable with just merrily trickling away under the floorboards, it wanted a little more attention than it was given. Arsehole.

So, I’ll fill you in with a little more depth. It’s Thursday, around 1pm and the flat’s being inspected by the letting agency. That’s all good and then the guy calls me and says he’s happy with the flat and he’d re-pressurised the boiler as it was a bit low.

Fabulous. Cheers my man! On I get with my work.

Then I get a phone call an hour later.  Continue reading